…too much to dream last night

…too much to dream last night. That’s the title I chose when I decided to start blogging about my experience and my “journey” through mental health. I am haunted by dreams. I have been for as long as I can remember. Not necessarily your typical “nightmares”, but very haunting dreams. What makes them haunting? They are so vivid. So detailed. So complex. And more often than not in real time. I don’t dream multiple days, or multiple events when I have these haunting dreams. I dream one thing, one event at a time. A few minutes of a day, a few hours. And detailed. There’s sights. There’s sounds. There’s smells. But the main reason they haunt me… I have them over and over and over again. Always the exact same. Right down to the tiniest of details. Like the little boy in the first dream I’l write about with his dirty face and untied shoe as he sells lilacs to the ladies for a penny.

I have awoken with a jolt many times. I’ll wake up flailing. I’ll wake up crying. And there’s been times when my dreams have been very intense and I’ve woken up to a bloody nose. But basically what I’ve decided to do is to put some of these dreams in writing. Put them as blog entries, and let others see what they think. I will mark them all as  “…too much to dream last night” so if you’re not interested you can skip right over it. But it’s just one more way I can try and get across the things that I experience and live with every day. I hope you enjoy, and as always… please feel free to comment.


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